Friday, October 28, 2011


OK, this is just a quick rant....that being said:

In the past two weeks I have witnessed three boy's rooms and I think anyone/everyone should be spared from this experience.

Each room was representative of a different age group (a-4 &6; b-tween; c-late teen.) None the less, the shared the same "boy" characteristics: black-out shades of some sort (that never get opened!) and sports paraphernalia.

Is it intrinsic to males to hide out in a cave with no light and cave art?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A brief intro

I guess I am ready to get my feet wet...ready set go!

A little about me:

I am originally from really hot states (Florida & Arizona)...sizzle. I am now in the great northwest and loving it! I love the sound and smell of the drizzle and do not miss the sizzle!

Before I rant, perhaps I should tell you why you may want to listen to me (wink.) I have spent many years educating myself in, on and around interior architecture + design. I spent many waking (& should-have-been-sleeping) hours on my thesis.

"The Loop" Entry
After years, I finally attained my Masters of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture + Design. My thesis is based on the adaptive reuse of the KeyArena. I will attempt to attach or insert a few pages to pique your interest.
Check out the interactive floor!

Stay tuned for my next post....
Thank you for checking me out!