Thursday, November 3, 2011

Designing with the client in mind

A funny thing has come to my attention (at least I find it humorous.) It is entertaining to witness a newcomer walk into a space that I have had the great opportunity to design. If they know me on personal level, they seem to be stunned that the space is so not "Brett." By this I mean, it is not my personal style. I laugh and say, "Of course it's not me...I don't live (or work) here!"

That's not to say that there are not elements that define who I am as a designer. I believe in function first, then aesthetics. I believe in continuity of space from before you even walk inside the building. I believe the site dictates part of the design in addition to the wants of the owner/occupant. I believe in innovation and not vanilla solutions.

I eagerly await the next occasion when I get to hear the comment again. My answer simply will be "Thank you. That is a real compliment."