Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The new workspace redefines the workplace.

The new workspace redefines the workplace.

By Brett Marlo DeSantis
Published in: the May edition of Cities Unite

So you are now working from home, or perhaps considering it. You may call it homeshoring or homesourcing. The truth is more of us are working from home every day. We are pursuing our own passions in business by choice or necessity.

You may be a financial advisor, a sales consultant, an architect or a writer. There are simply too many careers to mention that may be home based in this day and age.
Brick and mortar businesses are realizing that independent or self-employed agents offer a host of benefits.

Forward thinking executives see homesourcing as a double win. It is a cost-saving alternative without sacrificing quality and performance while also gaining a greater degree of flexibility.

These independent agents are educated and experienced. They are looking to have more control over the hours they work, whom they work for or with, and from where they work.

While working from home may be an ideal situation for some, others may find it to be too close to home. Really, you can't beat the commute, but I can understand the need or want to go out to work as well.

What does the workplace of tomorrow look like? A space, and it is closer than you think.

The new workspaces offer flexibility, connectivity, cooperation, and pooling of resources. They combine the values of independence with the benefits of interdependence. This design concept is known as a shared space.

This concept is not new.  However it has evolved into something fresh with new twists. Imagine a space with low capital investment, low overhead, a professional and prestigious mailing address, a receptionist, a conference room, even an event space and a shower if you choose to bike or walk to work...oh and a lounge.

Chats around the water cooler are now taking place in front of the espresso machine. You can breathe easily knowing the use of healthy building materials created these inspirational workspaces.

Well there's more to discuss and if it sounds like work might be fun after all, then you are getting the idea. The new workspace is not your old workplace.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to already have one of these shared spaces in your city.  If these workspaces are the right fit for you or your independent agents, fantastic! If you do not have one in your neck of the woods, please ask for one.

Acting collectively we have the ability to be part of a bigger conversation. We can: revitalize our downtowns, cut down the commute, create community connectivity, share in costs and personnel, consolidate back-offices, co-sponsor staff training, refer clients and contract labor in-house, locally and regionally, organize and host workshops, invite civic, business and thought leaders into our communities.

If you are looking for a workspace that promotes and embraces diversity, equity and a healthy work-life balance then you have found the place to hang your hat (just remember to bring it home.)

Are you ready to embrace this innovative workspace?